Blog-Modafinil: The Secret Revealed

Modafinil: The Secret Revealed

Modafinil, renowned as a superior remedy for the alertness and sharpness of mind in the previous 3 decades has an interesting background. It was manufactured in France back in 1980 to cure narcolepsy and FDA approved it for prescription in 1998. The major development bend witnessed by modafinil was in 2007 when its sales jumped from roughly $25 million to $800 million, thus establishing it as one of the superior drugs in the history of mankind. It surpassed even Viagra in its profitability. All these facts help us in properly acknowledging the wonderful ingredients utilized in its production.

The Modafinil Story

By virtue of its mild nature and the users never reporting of any form of irritability, allergic reactions and side effects it was one of the superiorly utilized medications utilized by the American soldiers in the Iraq war. It helped them to be greatly precise along with enhancing their vitality and focus while staying awake for days. Reports of its efficiency spread and in no time modafinil was one of the greatly acclaimed drugs in America.

It has been a theme for many movies in the past, for example the movie Limitless was also considered to be based on Modafinil, it is obvious because back in the days modafinil was a secret medicament of the rich who utilized it to boost their mental energy to levels beyond a human mind. Enormously popular among the wall street people it was reported to significantly enhance the vitality, mental focus and efficacy.

With the level of progression which modafinial has undergone over the years, the prices have decreased, but it still enjoys the price tag of expensive medications. It is being sold somewhere between $10 and $20 in most parts of the country. Being less affordable by a majority of people there was a requirement for cheaper versions and the space was filled by armodafinil and adrafinil.


Due to the blistering increase in the sales of modafinil with time, many versions have been introduced. Pure forms can be bought from acclaimed pharmacies worldwide, numerous online stores help you buy modafinil online at extremely reasonable prices and purest quality.

May, 28, 2018
Mark Smith