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What Is Modafinil?

I am sure you already know that Modafinil is one of the most commonly utilized and prescribed drug of the past decade. But do you also know the history of this revolutionary smart drug?

It was first developed in France in 1980s and was used as an experimental remedy for Narcolepsy, it was approved by FDA in 1998 as a prescription drug. In 1999 it was being sold as a treatment for sleep disorders by Cephalon under the name Provigil, the sales were a mere $25 million at that time which increased to $800 million in just 8 years.

This boost made Modafinil one of the most profitable drugs in the history of medical sciences leaving Viagra and Adderall far behind. After more than 3 decades this is still the most popular wakefulness and alertness promoting agent.

How Modafinil Works?

As compared to the past, today we are more vulnerable to mental exertion and depression along with anxiety. Hence there is a great number of people who are visiting pharmacies in search of a remedy to these ever increasing issues.

Today, our world is moving at a greater pace and this fast pace is creating a pressing need for the people to think and act quickly and cope up with the work related needs along with the other personal issues in their lives.

Keeping all these facts in mind, people want a magic drug that can help them solve all their issues in minutes and Modafinil is the right answer. Whatever the walk of life you belong to, you will find numerous people who use smart drugs to tackle their demanding work requirements and this increasing usage of Modafinil shows that its amazing results are being acknowledged across the globe.

Due to this development bend witnessed by Modafinil, the Government requested the Academy Of Medical Sciences to conduct a research and find out the hurtful effects and benefits of this smart drug.

This study was conducted in a controlled facility in Cambridge University to check out, whether the claims of people about the great cognitive capabilities of Modafinil are true of just a hoax.

The results were astonishing, the study concluded that Modafinil infact improves the cognitive capabilities of a human being by manifolds and is without any side effects.

It enhances the cognitive abilities while nurturing the alertness of mind, increasing think-fullness, doubling or tripling the focus of our mind, making the span of attention much longer, giving an amazing decision power, and converting your mind into a much more receptive and agile organ.

All these factors collectively transform a person into a much more stable, powerful, focused and active version of himself. As we all already know that Cambridge University is one of the most prestigious and well acclaimed facilities across the globe, so a conclusion derived by them can be considered absolutely valid and authoritative.

After this and all other studies resulted in the same manner, the sales of Modafinil observed an incredible boost, thus many new companies entered the market and started producing Modafinil.

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May, 22, 2018
Mark Smith